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Wood has been a popular building material and fuel source since time immemorial. It is one of Austria’s most important raw materials and has numerous advantages. When forests are correctly managed, wood is a sustainable, environmentally friendly and versatile material. SIRO has long understood the importance of sustainability and environmental protection. For the past 20 years, our FSC-certified company SIRO Bielsko has exclusively used wood from sustainably managed forests. There are many reasons to choose furniture and accessories made of solid wood. As a material, it brings a sense of comfort and warmth to a room, is suitable for all living areas and naturally regulates the indoor climate by absorbing humidity and releasing it again as required. Our wooden handles and knobs add the perfect finishing touch to solid wood furniture. They bring something of the outdoors into a living space, are pleasant to the touch and complement every style, whether rustic or modern. They can be added to traditional furniture or combined with modern elements and different materials. Our many designs and wide range of shades mean that you will always find the perfect wooden fittings for your interior.

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